Introduction to Bio-Frequency Spectrum.
by Zhou Lin
Yunan, Bio-medical Engineering Institute

Bio-Frequency Spectrum (BFS) is a nomenclature for both the frequency and spectrum of physicalinformation emanating from living body itself. It is the special meaning with which I have managed to endow this study using the BFS concept in the past ten years. BFS is dif-ferent from the description of frequency and the spectrum of wavelength.It has been found that the existance and changes of the physical information not only correlate with the func-tional status of living body itself, but also can reflect its healthy status.Experiments have confirmed that living body is a natural irradiating source, which emitsfrequency signals to environment continuously under living Conditions. In comparison with other irradiating sources, their energies are relatively weak. BFS in living bodies has common characteristics and its Covering range is from ultra—violet rays to weak microwave. However,BFS in human body are mainiy concentrated in the region between infrared ray to weak microwave. Simu-lating this comprehensive physical information of human body and feeding it back to human body, therefore, constitutes the key points of BFS theory. If we dissect the previous work of my colleagues,it is not difficult to find out their problems. Whether or not they are aware of it and hold other opinions, the theory that the extraneous physical information or physical fields can affect the status of human body has been manipulated by biophysicists and bio-engineers.

And many kinds of physiotherapeutical apparatus have been produced, such as, infrared ray therapeutic apparatus, laser therapeutic apparatus, microwave therapeutic apparatus,etc. The therapeutical effects of these apparatuses are apparently restricted as only some parts of physical signals emanating from human body have been chosen. However , BFS apparatus, which is designed on the basis Of BFS theory, is quite different. According to the biophysical principle,resonance and maximum absorption can be aroused if two physical signals are identical or similar. As the single colored lights such as infrared ray and microwave are parts of the signals, the signals produced by infrarcd ray therapeutic appara-tus and microwave therapeutic apparatus can not generate resonance with living body and maximum absorption. These, therefore,only have weak effects or stimulating capability. From the view of physics,single Colored light can only give rise to the transfer of single protons. Because of the changes and energy obtainment of single protons and the increasing amount of irradiation time, obvious body imbalance could be caused and appar-ent side effects could be frequently seen. The development of BFS
therapeutics has compensated the disadvantages of routine physiotherapeutic apparatuses. It generates comprehensive simulating human body BFS,which is fed back to human body and produce resonance with human body. Under the effects of these comprehensive physi-cal signals, electron transition, atom rotation, and molecule vibration in the body could be simultaneously caused.They could affect the body to the maximum extent. As their energies are quite low, there are no side effects.

The Key Points of BFS Theory

1. Human body is a low energy irradiating source, which can emit many kinds of physi-cal signal covering from infrared ray to weak microwave. The Combination of physical parameters, frequency and spectrum constitutes the human body BFS.

2. The principle of resonance? The maximal energy absorption occurs only at the time when the frequency, which can give rise to resonance with living body, appears.

3. BFS apparatus was designed and manufactured on the basis of the bionics theory, lt is a vibration generator and can emit the frequency and Spectrum similar to those of hunman body.

Measurement of the Frequency and Spectrum
Emitted from Human Body and BFS Apparatus:

1. Emission spectrum of human body was measured of human body as a Whole using infrared wave spectrum meter and milimetre wave meter.

2. Spectrum responses in the tissue pieces of liver, muscular tissue,skin and blood samples obtained from surgical operation were assayed.

3. The emission spectrum of BFS apparatus was measured under the same conditions as above.

The similarity degree of the spectrum figures obtained from the above three groups should be as close as possible.Following are the frequent puzzling problems:

1. It is uncertain whether or not there is any difference between the human body BFS under physiological conditions and pathological conditions.And if there is any, how to dis-tinguish them?

2. It is uncertain whether there is any difference between the human body BFS under different pathological conditions or not.

3. FS is the simulation of human BFS under normal physiological Conditions. It is uncer-tain whether r not it roduces resonance with human body under pathological cditions.

Our study has showed that there are differences between the BFS under physiological Con-ditions and pathological conditions and etween the BFS under different pathological condi-tions. In comparison with this comprehensive physical parameter, these ifferences are ex-tremely weak.This is the reason that BFS apparatus has so wide-spectrum effects to variety of diseases? According to the fact that the BFS are different under various pathologi-cal conditions, different models of BFS have been esigned and produced to adopt the corre-sponding pathological changes or disorders.

It is well known that the development of any branch of science is closely related to its era. Owing to the absence of apparatus able to detect these physical signals, it still needs time to reveal the secret of BFS. As the development of modern biophysics, it is no doubt that there will be some breakthrough in the near future.

Analysis of BFS Research and Development Trends

The research of BFS has been developed from the following two

(1) To perfect the BFS theory.
(2) To improve and develope different kinds of BFS apparatus in order to enhance their
biological effects.

Our experimental results have confirmed that the application of BFS has inestimable values in the field of medicine. Its therapeutic effect is far superior to those of otherphysiothera-peutic devices. The advent of physiotherapeutic methods has enriched the therapeutics to a great extent, while the development of BFS has added brillance to it. The BFS therapeutic method belongs to the category of physiotherapy, but is not restricted to it. Its methodology has been much affected by the bionics. As BFS simulates nature and is close to the things in the natural world, from this point of view it can be regarded as a natural therapy. It is, therefore, believed as“a miracle of the natural therapeutics". Studies have confirmed that BFS apparatus has remarkable biological effects on many systems in human body. As study goes further, this therapeutics will be gradually becoming a new independant branch of medical sciences—BFS medicine. Based on the principle of BFS the-ory, its unique medical theory frame has been formed in the aspects of diagnosis of dis-eases, therapy, prevention and health-care.

In addition to the application of BFS in medicine, BFS theory has other important usages and a broad future. From its influences on bacterium growth to the field of biological prod-ucts, from its effects on seed germination to the screening for good variety, the studies on BFS will definitely have profound and lasting significance and exploiting values.

Biological Effects of BFS

BFS apparatus has a wide range of biological effects, which are summarized from the following aspects:

1. Effects on cellular chromosomes: After analyzing the chromosomes of bone mar-row cells from mice receiving long-term BFS irradiation,scientists have demonstrated that long-term BFS irradiation has no effects on Chromosome deformation. Besides, they also made the study of irradiating the pfegnant mice and then analyzing the chromo-somes of bone marrow cells and melanocytes from their offsprings. The results showed that BFS did not increase the rates of chromosome deformity, even after irradiating ten con-tinuous generations. This study from another point of view proved that BFS irradiation does not result in deformity and mutation,

2. Effects on reproductive and developing functions: No obvious effects were found in the experiments.

3. Effects on neuroendocine system: It is mostly believed that the neuro- endo-crine system is closely correlated with the regulation of cellular immune system , and is an important physiological regulation system in maintaining the normal physiological activities in human body. Experimental studies have showed that BFS irradiation has appar-ent influences on thalam encephalon- hypophysis--adrenal gland system. It can promote the release of adrenal cortex steroid and the synthesis and secretion of insulin, and improve the hyperthyreosis. In the experimental rabbits with alloxan diabetes, it has been found that BFS has evident corrective effects. In addition, BFS also has distinct therapeutic effects on juvenile face sore, irregular menstruation, climacteric syndrome and mental dis-eases. It is suggested that its acting mechanism is probably related to the improvement of hormone secretion.

4. Effects on basal metabolism: Many scientists have studied the effects of BFS on basal metabolism. Their results showed that BFS irradiation could reduce the content of rat liver glucogen, decrease the activities of liver lactic dehydrogenase, non-specific esterase and phosphatase, decrease the activity of intestinal mucosal proteolyst in the small intes-tine of experimental animals and the content of macroglobulin, and increase the activity of liver ATPase. Besides, it was also found that BFS could decrease the blood sugar level, blood urea nitrogen level and uric acid level, and elevate the ratio of plasma albumin to globulin.

5. Effects on nervous system: In some experiments, chromic catguts, were used to lightly tie up the nervi ischiadicus of SD rat. The nerves were damaged due to chronic op-pression, showing that their medullary sheath was taken off. This area was extremely sensi-tive to the K+channel blockers TEA and hyoscine. After the pathological animal models had been irradiated with BFS, their allergy to pain disappeared and their transmission functions of action potentials were partially recovered. The reactions of damaged nerve region to TEA and hyoscine became dull. The above results suggested that the therapeutic effects of BFS on damaged peripheral nerves be through recovering the axis-clinder membrane structure of nerve, for the irradiation using the infrared lamp with the same power under the same conditions did not have the effects. The effects of BFS on central nervous system are ex-pressed to be able to change electroecephalogram (EEG), especially ist evident improve-ment on the EEG of patients with epilepsy. In addition,it also has effects on the levels of nervous active protein and the permeability of blood-brain barrier. Clinical observation also showed that BFS had therapeutic effects on senile dementia (brain atrophy), which was probably related to its effects on inhibiting the degeneration of nerve cells in cerebral cor-tex, and improving the oxygen supply to the cells. Besides, the nerve-action effects of mice such as learning ability and exploring capability were much enhanced.

6. Biological effects on cardiovascular system: Many scientists have reported that BFS apparatus has definite therapeutic effects on heart diseases of coronary atherosclerosis, which are related to the dilatation of coronary artery after BFS irradiation. It has also been found that BFS has good effects on paroxysmal tachycardia and ventricular premature sys-tole.

7. Effects on hematology: The results in bioptic experiments indicate that BFS irra-diation can increase red blood cell(RBC) counts and enhance the hemoglobin contents, platelet counts and hematocrits. Its effects on leukocytes and lymphocytes will be discussed in the section of immune response. It has been found that BFS can improve the whole blood circulation, Iocal blood circulation and nail fold microcirculation. BFS can increase the di-ameter of blood capillary while it does not remarkably increase the number of nail fold blood capillary ansa, BFS can increase the area of platelet aggregate and platelet aggregating rate, decrease the level of plasma fibrinogen, and increase the RBC flow and migration rate and the abilities of RBC deformity, which can fasten the blood flow. The interesting thing is that after BFS irradiation, the factor VIII in blood can be activated to play its hemostatic function. Therefore, some researchers believe that BFS apparatus has some two-wayregulative functions.

8. Effects on immune response: The most interesting thing of the BFS effects is the high sensitivity of body immune system to the BFS. Many experimental reports showed that after BFS irradiation the number of immunized cells and the capability of immune response in human body are all enhanced significantly, including the distinct elevations of peripheral blood leukocyte count and lymphocyte counts. It was also found that BFS could increase the activity of sheep RBC receptors on the spleen lymphocytes in the irradiated animal, inhibit the generation of the SRBC antibody which could remarkably decrease the contents of the serum hemolysin and agglutinin, promote the phagocytosis of macrophage in rat abdominis cavum, and increase the complement content. During the process of lymphocyte B matura-tion, BFS irradiation affects the expression of ist surface marker and increases the percent-age of receptors expressed by complement.

from the book:
Chen Kun, Chen Xi, Zhou Lin
Published by The People`s Medical Publishing House
Beijing, China.

What Is Zhoulin BFS (Bio Frequency Spectrum)

Zhoulin health care and therapeutic appliances are new hi-tech products invented by Dr Zhou Lin. A Chinese scientist based on his concept of stimulating human body spectrum. BFS equipment is intended to help cure many diseases such as arthritis, kidney's, intestines, gastric and gynaecology diseases etc. It also helps to cure nerve and back pain, making a difference from infrared health care products which only relax the pain of affected areas. The appliances also have good treatment effects on health care, and beauty care.

The appliances can adjust the function of human organs to normal by the way of radiation. Radiation is energy radiated in the form of waves or particles. With radiation of the pain there may be tenderness over the sciatic nerve which is a part of the healing process.

All of the appliances have the same functions but the output power varies. They do not contain any side effects or harmful rays and all have brochures illustrating the reference acupuncture points frequency and duration times.

· Bio-spectrum TDP lamps of Gold Medal at the 1986 Zagreb International Fair.
· Silver Medal at the 1986 Brussels Eureka World Fair for Invention.
· Chinese Science and Technology Invention Award.

The Zhoulin product range has received the Chinese National Invention Award and 9 international prizes including a gold medal for invention of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).The appliances have been tested by the Institute of Measurement Science of China and Beijing Radiological Health Protection Service.

Meeting the tough German TUV standard, these
highly reliable devices deliver a quality of spectrum.
Other international quality system and product
conformity certificates - ISO9001, ISO13485,
EN60601-1, QSR are also achieved.


  The Zhoulin Bio-Spectrum Treatment device or also known as Biofrequency Spectrum (BFS) Apparatus is an invention which is believed to provide ‘natural therapy’ that will cure diseases without medicine. The Bio-Spectrum treatment device is a new type of Mineral infrared device invented in China. Unlike conventional infrared therapeutic devices, this device features a plate coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 43 minerals (old version V1.0 has 33 elements).
When heated by an electric heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2-50 microns which simulate the Bio-Spectrum waves released by the human body itself. Through irradiating directly the affected parts of the body, both physical and biological reactions can be achieved for health care and cure.

Bio-spectrum is a concept, which represents the broad energy spectrum that any living organism emits. Different living things have different Bio-spectrums, different people have different bio-spectrums. Even the same person has different bio-spectrum according to their age and health status. The Kirilian camera can visualize this energy by different colors and brightness. Aura system interprets and visualizes this bio-spectrum energy in different ways. A human being is a natural radiator of a broad and complex electromagnetic wave which, while falling mainly in the infrared range, also has short wave components, long wave components and even a very small amount of microwave range.
Zhoulin, the inventor, revealed that the human body emits various types of energy: light, heat, and magnetic field, and these energy comes out in combination with certain frequency, known as Bio-spectrum.
When one falls sick, the Bio-spectrum will be weakened. As such, the device radiates EM wave within the Bio-spectrum range to replenish the weakened Bio-spectrum.

The Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device is helpful in various disorders via its
5 main functions:

1. Improve blood and other body fluids circulation
2. Regulate and balance nervous system
3. Strengthen cells and body fluids immune system
4. Regulate internal secretions (hormones, enzymes etc)
5. 2-way self-regulation

1. As human body is irradiated, the thermal and non-thermal biological effects can be produced and act on the tissues and organs resulting in a two-way beneficial regulation effectiveness (stimulating or inhibiting biophysical and biochemical reaction of the human body accordingly).

Some of the fields in which you can use the Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device are:
Diminish inflammation:
Bronchitis , Duodenal ulcer , Enteritis , Prostatitis , Cervicitis.
Body Care
Help a deep natural sleep , Enhance absorptionof the cosmetic cream, slimming cream and plaster , Adjust the sex hormone of the aged people to slow down the aging process.
Kill the pain
Cervical vertebra disease, Scalpulohumeral periarthritis, Toothache, Lumbago and leg pain.
Sport injury
Spraim , Lumbar muscle strain ,Soft tissue injury ,Resist against fatigue.
Cure skin diseases
2. Herpes zoster , Neurodermatitis , Wound healing , Bedsore , Bedsore , Slight burn, Frostbite , Lower limb ulcer.

Health Care
* Improves immune function and regulates nervous system
* Prolongs female puberty and produces cosmetic ffect
* Promotes metabolism
* Reduces the accumulation of lactic acid
* Reduces tiredness and improves sexual function
* Enhances mental development

BST device WS 111 T

As this device radiates within the infra red EM range, the infra red is approved by the FDA for treatment of pain relief, and it is used in most hospitals in China in the practices for pain relief treatments as well as home health care device to promote health and treatment for sickness in nowadays. This invention had gain awards and recognitions as below:
· Bio-spectrum TDP lamps of Gold Medal at the 1986 Zagreb International Fair.
· Silver Medal at the 1986 Brussels Eureka World Fair for Invention.
· Chinese Science and Technology Invention Award.
· Classified as an infrared lamp under Federal Regulations (21 CFR 890.5SOO).
· CE, ISO9001 , ISO13485 certified

Difference Between Bio-Spectrum Lamps and Regular Heat Lamps

Normal human body temperature is 37.6 °C most of our body heat is typically radiated away as Bio-Spectrum at the 8 ~ 20 µm wavelength. But the whole spectrum has much more wide range. So, if we generate 8 ~ 20 µm bio-spectrum and direct it at a human body, it matches the radiant energy leaving the body and as much as 99 percent is absorbed below the surface of the skin. Through this principle of using complementary rays, the absorption of radiant energy stimulates the flow of blood throughout your whole body and energizes your metabolism. Bio-spectrum wavelength is best for the body's overall comfort.

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